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Maine OGT Team

Meet our team of brave wildlife crime stoppers.

Maine OGT Team

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Our nonprofit organization has a 30-year history of service in Maine. Although Maine has 95 district game wardens and 40 Marine Patrol Officers, that's far from enough to deal with the poaching problem in the region. Since there's a real need for civilian wildlife crime stoppers, we created our nonprofit organization in an effort to provide assistance.

When you report illegal poaching, you're joining our team of anonymous wildlife crime stoppers. Here's the type of activity we need you to look out for:

Individuals who engage in illegal shooting for sport

Those who kill our protected species

People who introduce non-native fish into our waters

Your donations help us pay rewards and defray our basic operational costs. We don't have full-time employees-all workers are nonpaid volunteers.

Join the ranks of our wildlife crime stoppers by reporting suspicious or illegal activity immediately.

Help Our Nonprofit Organization Put Poachers in Their Place

Wildlife Crime Stoppers Protecting all of Maine's Natural Resources since 1989

Maine has a healthy population of wildlife. From majestic moose to shimmering brook trout, we have a uniquely vital ecosystem surrounding us. Unfortunately, some individuals don't value the special place these creatures have in our state. In the name of sport, poachers have taken to brutally killing our wild animals-stripping our wild lands of these irreplaceable creatures.

Maine Operation Game Thief is here to put a stop to illegal hunting and fishing. Our nonprofit organization works closely with patrol departments and other initiatives in Maine to bring justice to those without respect for our wildlife.

Use your voice for good. Report a fish or wildlife violation by calling 1-800-ALERT US right away. All callers remain anonymous and are never required to testify in court.

Maine Operation Game Thief


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