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There are two ways to report a fish or wildlife violation

Report Online

Online Form: Provide us with as much information as possible on the Tip Reporting Form below.
(all fields are optional except town).

Your call or report remain totally anonymous, if you wish,
and you will not be asked to testify in court.


All questions in red must be answered to submit this form.

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Violation Information

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When did the violation occur?:
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Where did the violation occur?:
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Number of suspects and names, if known:

Describe the suspect(s):
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Suspect(s) comments:
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Describe the vehicle(s) involved:
(Make, model, color, license plate)

Additional comments:
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What To Look For When Reporting:

The more information that you can supply, and the more specific you can be, the better the chances are for apprehending the violator. Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Names, addresses, age(s) of suspects, along with as complete a description as possible
  • Physical descriptions of violator(s)
  • Type of violation – be specific – when and where it occurred.
    • Poaching is the illegal taking or possession of any game, fish or non-game species
    • Hunting out-of-season or at night with spotlights or taking more than the legal limit are obvious signs of poaching
    • The illegal introduction of non-native fish species into Maine waters is a very serious offense that needs to be reported
  • Provide all of the information you can:
    • As exact a location as possible
    • Number of shots heard
    • Number of suspects
    • Clothing worn
    • Vehicle description, including type, year, color and license number
  • If you know how a poached animal is being transported, or where it is being stored, tell us about it
  • Remember, get the information to us as soon as possible

How Rewards Work

Upon calling Operation Game Thief, and you wish to have a reward if an apprehension is made, you will be given a code number that you must remember if you wish to collect the reward. You will also be given a call-back date for you to check on the violation. When you call back on the specified date, you will be required to give the person answering your code number. You will be advised as to the status of the case, and if an apprehension was made, the amount of your reward will be communicated to you. Arrangements will then be made as to the delivery of the reward while protecting your anonymity.

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