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Maine Marine Patrol Officers Honored for Heroism

April 1, 2017

Two Maine marine patrol officers were honored at the State House Tuesday for heroism. When a fisherman died aboard his vessel, Specialist Corrie Roberts and Sergeant Matt Talbot managed to take control of a boat which was operating dangerously close to the Rockland shore. “We have a job to do so we get out and do our best,” said Roberts. 78-year-old Robert Staples of North Haven died of natural causes aboard his lobster boat on October 2nd, 2015. Emergency dispatchers deployed Coast Guard rescuers after receiving a report of an unmanned vessel running in circles close to both the rocky shore and other boat traffic. “They did an expert job piloting the Maine marine patrol boat alongside. Corey- putting her own safety at risk- getting up on the gunnel of that small boat to try and jump over not once, but twice, and on the second time succeeded and was able to pull the throttle back,” said Steve Poulin, Rear Admiral First Coast Guard District Commander. Governor LePage joined the Coast Guard in awarding the Silver Lifesaving Medal to Specialist Corrie Roberts and the Certificate of Valor to Sergeant Matt Talbot for their bravery and heroic actions. “Every day we’re trying to solve problems on the water and this was no different. Certainly the adrenaline level is higher in a situation like this,” said Sgt. Talbot. Despite not training for high-speed boardings, Roberts and Talbot’s valiant service prevented what could have been a disastrous outcome for others out at sea that day. “But I can say that when we’re offshore doing vessel boardings, conditions are about the same and it could have been any one of us doing the same thing that I did, and they would have done a fine job,” said Roberts.

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