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Case File  #5   November 2006

A Trail of Garbage Leads to Illegal Deer

On November 15, 2006, Warden Kevin Anderson received an OGT complaint from a landowner in Chelsea in reference to finding deer parts and garbage dumped on his property. Warden Anderson responded to the landowner’s property and located several garbage bags with remains of two processed deer; an adult male and fawn female deer, as well as various other items of garbage. In the garbage was an envelope with shopping lists and a cell phone number. Warden Anderson checked the local tagging station but found no record of these deer being recently tagged. Through Warden Anderson’s investigation, he was able to determine the owner of the cell phone as well as the garbage. 

A consent search was conducted on one residence and five packages of unlabeled deer meat were seized. This encounter led to a second residence where an interview was conducted by wardens and an individual at the second residence admitted to wardens that he killed both deer and did not tag either deer despite having an antlerless deer permit and living within one-half mile of the tagging station. The individual admitted to killing the female deer on 10/31/06 and the adult male on 11/1/06. This individual also admitted to dumping the garbage and deer parts on the landowner’s property. More deer meat was seized as well as a .338 Rem Ultra Mag rifle and ammunition. The poacher was charged with one count of Exceeding the Bag Limit on Deer and two counts of Possession of an Unregistered Deer. The first individual who  turned over the five packages of unlabeled deer meat was charged with Possession of Gift Deer. 

The penalty for Exceeding the Bag Limit on deer is a mandatory $1,000 fine and 3 days in jail upon conviction, as well as confiscation of the firearm and loss of hunting privileges. This is a classic case where the poacher would not have been apprehended were it not for the concern of a citizen. With only 95 wardens patrolling the woods and waters of Maine, Maine game wardens need the eyes and ears of concerned citizens to apprehend these poachers.

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