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Case File  #201702   November 2016

On 11/09/2016 Warden Powers received an OGT complaint about a deer that had been killed illegally. When Warden Powers contacted the anonymous caller, he received detailed information about the subject and the deer that had been killed. It was reported that the subject in question had killed a large deer on the opening day of the season in the Lewiston region, and then on 11/09/2016 was hunting in the Crystal/Sherman area, and had killed another large buck had had his father register the deer. After receiving the information, Warden Powers located the hunting camp where the subjects were staying, and also collected the tagging slip for the deer at the local tagging agent. The information on the tagging slip matched the information he had received from the complainant. He also had the local Warden in the Lewiston area collect the original tagging slip from the deer legally killed on opening day, and had him send him a copy of it. Warden Powers then met with Warden Scott Martin and a Warden Service Investigator and briefed them on the information he had gained so far. The three Wardens then proceeded to the camp, where they met with the involved subjects. After interviewing both subjects separately for a few minutes, they both confessed about what had actually occurred. The son admitted that he had shot both deer, and that he knew had had exceeded the bag limit on deer. The father also admitted that he had falsely registered it the deer that he had not killed. The deer and rifle used were seized. The son was charged with Exceeding the Bag Limit on Deer and Hunting After Killed One Deer, and later pled guilty to the Exceeding the Bag Limit charge. The father was charged with False Registration of Deer, and later pled guilty as well.

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