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Case File  #201701   December 2016

On December 8, 2016, Warden Ryan Fitzpatrick received a call from a concerned citizen reporting they believed a subject shot an antlerless deer without a permit in November. Warden Fitzpatrick spoke to the citizen who reported going to the suspectís residence the second week of November and interrupting him cutting up ďa small deerĒ. The caller asked the suspect if the deer was a doe and he did not answer them, but gave them a bag of meat from the deer and told them to keep their mouth shut and not to call the Game Wardens. The caller stated they did not feel right about the encounter and finally decided to report it to Warden Service. He described the deer to Warden Fitzpatrick, stating it was very small and they did not see the head to see if it had antlers. The caller also informed Warden Fitzpatrick that there was a buck deer hanging in the garage with a seal on the leg from a tagging station. Warden Fitzpatrick learned from the caller that they had not consumed any of the meat and still had it in their freezer. Warden Fitzpatrick sent the meat to RPC Laboratory in Fredericton, New Brunswick, for DNA testing to determine species and sex of the meat. The results from the DNA testing came back as the meat coming from a female deer. Through Warden Fitzpatrickís investigation it was learned the properly registered buck deer at the suspectís residence was shot and tagged by his grandson. Warden Fitzpatrick executed a search warrant on the suspectís residence in January and located numerous packages of deer meat and a large quantity of brook trout. The suspect pled guilty in court to possession of antlerless deer without a permit and possession of fish in violation of number, amount, weight or size. His hunting and fishing licenses were suspended for a year. As a side note, there is a pending Superior Court trial for the poacher for tampering with a witness in reference to this case. The case should be heard sometime in August.

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