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Case File  #59   December 2013

On 12/15/2013 Warden Jeremy Kemp received an OGT complaint stating someone in Brownville was feeding deer behind their house. The caller further stated there might have been a deer killed there earlier in the morning. Warden Kemp responded to the residence of where the deer might have been shot. Warden Kemp walked out behind the residence in the woods and located large pile of apples. He looked around and located blood on the ground approximately 30 feet from the pile of apples. Warden Kemp followed the blood to a spot where it appears the deer died.Bait Pile

Warden Kemp waited at the residence until a subject returned. Warden Kemp introduced himself and explained he was there because he had reason to believe a deer was killed earlier in the day. The owner of the residence, (Subject 1), denied any knowledge of a deer being shot in his yard. Warden Kemp asked if he could have permission to look around and (Subject 1) replied he could look anywhere he wanted to. (Subject 1) allowed Warden Kemp to look in his vehicle where Warden Kemp found several deer hairs. When questioned about the hair, (Subject 1) denied knowing anything about a deer. (Subject 1) told Warden Kemp another subject had been hunting in the area and identified a male subject who lives in Milo.

When Warden Kemp arrived at the residence of (Subject 2) in Milo, he noticed several large areas of blood on the ground. Warden Kemp Knocked on the door and (Subject 2) answered the door. Warden Kemp introduced himself and (Subject 2) asked “are you here about the deer”? Warden Kemp told (Subject 2) he was and asked him his name. He identified himself, and Warden Kemp asked if he was the one who shot the deer. (Subject 2) said he was. (Subject 2) told Warden Kemp he shot the deer and (Subject 1) assisted him loading it in the back of (Subject 1)’s vehicle and they transported it back to his residence. Warden Kemp seized the deer, gun, and deer meat and issued (Subject 2) summonses for hunt or possess antlerless deer, possess unregistered deer and rule violation resulting in 9 days jail and $1000.00 fine. Warden Kemp seized the deer meat, parts and shotgun. Warden Kemp then went back to talk to (Subject 1).

Poached Doe being seized

Back at (Subject 1)’s residence Warden Kemp told him that (Subject 2) had stated (Subject 1) helped load and transport the deer. (Subject 1) then told Warden Kemp what happened and that (Subject 2) shot the deer while working at his residence. (Subject 1) was issued summons for hunt or possess antlerless deer and summons for placing bait to entice deer, resulting in 3 days jail and $1000.00 fine.   

True sportsmen don't hunt illegally by unfairly placing bait to entice deer to come within shooting range. The Maine Warden Service appreciates the cooperation it receives from concerned citizens. Thank you!


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