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Case File  #58   May 2014

On December 8, 2013, Warden Dan Christianson was on routine patrol in the town of New Vineyard when he received an Operation Game Thief call that a deer had been illegally killed on Saturday, December 7th. The informant stated the deer was a doe and had not been registered. The information also indicated that the deer was killed in New Vineyard on the Parlin Road and the shooter was identified. The information further stated that the deer had been dragged from the woods to a house nearby that had Typar wrap on it. Later that morning, Warden Christianson and Warden Tim Coombs located a drag mark in the woods. They also found two empty 9mmj shell cases next to the deer kill site. The casings were photographed and collected as evidence. Around 0850 hours that morning, Warden Sgt. Scott Thrasher, Wardens Coombs and Christianson went to the home of the alleged poacher to confront him. When the wardens approached the porch, the poacher met them and stated, "it's all gone, all gone". The poacher was very nervous and said he knew the wardens would be back to talk with him. When asked why he was nervous, the poacher said that he was worried about losing his gun. The wardens asked what happened and again, the poacher said, "it's all gone". Warden Christianson asked him what is all gone and the poacher replied "the deer is gone and the gun is gone too". The wardens asked where the deer and gun was and the poacher said he dumped the deer on a back road. The wardens told him to get the deer and the poacher responded that it was next door. The poacher made a call and told the person to bring the deer meat back. The wardens asked where the deer had been cut up and he replied in his barn. On the barn floor the wardens notices blood stains on the floor. A few minutes later, the neighbor came up the driveway with a cooler of fresh deer meat. Warden Christianson asked the poacher to take him to where he had thrown the remainder of the deer parts which were thrown on a back road. The warden located the hide, head, legs and chest cavity of the illegally killed deer. The poacher wrote a statement for the wardens of his illegal kill. The poacher said that he shot the deer with a muzzleloader and then dispatched it with two shots from his 9mm Beretta handgun. The poacher was charged with possession of an antlerless deer without a permit, possession of an unregistered deer and rule violation. The poacher was convicted of all charges. Operation Game Thief is one of Maine game wardens most important tool. When concerned citizens call the OGT phone line or report the violations online, Maine game wardens will do the rest of the investigation. In this case, a poacher did not get away with the crime because of the concerned citizen's actions. Thank you!

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