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Case File  #55   August 2013

Illegal Kill of Two Deer During Muzzleloading Season

On December 3, 2012, Maine Game Warden Jeremy Kemp received an anonymous Operation Game Thief complaint advising that two subjects were hunting out in a field in the town of Charleston in Penobscot County. The information indicated that one of the hunters had shot two illegal deer and that they were likely going back to get the deer that evening.

Warden Kemp stopped a vehicle that matched the description of the truck and observed a dead doe in the back of the truck. Warden Kemp questioned the individual and he admitted to shooting this doe and another doe, although he thought that he missed the second deer. Although it was muzzleloading season the poacher admitted to shooting the deer with a .270 rifle. Warden Kemp contacted Sergeant Glenn Annis and Warden Paul Mason for assistance in looking over the area for sign of the other deer. The wardens quickly found the second deer.

The poacher was charged with illegally killing two doe deer during muzzleloading season with a .270 rifle and also for killing doe deer without doe permits. The poacher was charged $1300, spent 3 days in jail, lost his firearm as well as his hunting license.

Great case and great information - thanks to the concerned citizen who reported the violation.

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