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Case File  #53   July 2013

Possession of Doe Deer .... Times Three

On October 30, 2012, Game Warden Doug Kulis received an anonymous OGT complaint that stated there were people in Richmond cutting up illegal deer. Warden Kulis advised Sgt. Fowlie of the information and responded to the scene.

Warden Kulis hid his vehicle and walked through the woods to the residence to observe any activity. Seeing no activity, he walked to the other side of the residence in a direction from behind a shed. From this location, Warden Kulis observed a dead antlerless deer hanging from a tree near the shed.

Warden Kulis waited at the location for the hunters to return. When they returned, Wardens Kulis and Fowlie went to the residence and interviewed the hunters about the complaint and the dead deer hanging in the tree as well as what was located in the shed. One of the hunters admitted to shooting an anterless deer without a permit and further stated the deer was half cut up in the shed. Another hunter admitted to shooting the deer hanging in the tree. Both admitted to not having antlerless permits. Warden Kulis asked who owned the residence and they told the wardens who owned it but he had not returned yet.

Later, Sgt. Fowlie interviewed the third hunter who admitted shooting an antlerless deer without a permit and it was in the back of the ATV which they had just returned with. When the owner returned, Warden Kulis asked to look in the shed for the deer which was half cut up. The owner agreed and showed the warden a deer that was skinned and hanging in the shed.

All three deer were seized and summonses to court for possession of antlerless deer were issued to the three poachers. Thanks go out to the anonymous caller who took the time to call Operation Game Thief.

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