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Case File  #52   July 2013

Exceeding Bag Limit on Deer

On November 3, 2012 at approximately 10:20AM, Warden Mike Boyer received an OGT complaint regarding a hunter who shot and killed two bucks from his tree stand on a powerline in Mattamiscontis Township in Penobscot County. The complainant said that the poacher had been in the tree stand since dawn. The complainant was sitting on the powerlline about 200 yards from the poacher. The complainant observed two bucks step out into the powerline and began feeding. He observed the poacher shoulder a firearm and shoot the six pointer which bolted a short distance and dropped. Another shot was fired and the complainant said the 4 pointer dropped in his tracks. After thinking about the incident and troubled by what had happened the complainant called Operation Game Thief.

 Approximately two hours had passed by the time Warden Boyer arrived in the area and met with the complainant. He advised the warden the area to look at and also said he thought they recognized who the hunter was but they were not positive. The complainant further stated that there was a black Toyota truck parked in a wood lot down the road and told the warden who that truck belonged to.

Warden Boyer made his way down the road and observed a black Toyta truck parked in a woodlot. Warden Boyer was approached by an individual who advised him that he was the landowner and he was out hunting and shot a nice 4 pointer. Warden Boyer observed the buck in the back of the truck and a .270 rifle lying in the cab of the truck. The clip had two live rounds in a four round clip. Warden Boyer observed one bullet hole in the next and commented that it was a good shot. The individual said he was in his tree stand on the power line when he shot the deer.

Warden Boyer congratulated him and then asked him to show him where the tree stand was. The individual becase very nervous but agreed. Once on the power line the warden observed a blood trail and a deer paunch. Warden Boyer inspected the tree stand and found two spent .270 caliber casings at the base of the tree. By now, the individual was getting really nervous and wanted to leave but Warden Boyer asked him to show him where he shot the deer. Immediately he said he couldn't remember and began rubbing his head and looking down and away.

The warden told him they were going walk across the powerline and then found another fresh deer paunch. The individual finally broke down and confessed that his son-in-law called him at 8AM this morning and asked him to help tagg a deer because he shot two bucks on the power line from his tree stand.

"I only wanted to help my son-in-law out of a jam", said the individual. He said he helped his son-in-law dress the deer out and they took the 4 pointer to his truck. His son-in-law loaded the 6 pointer on his ATV and drove up the powerline to a trail that led to his house. Once back at the Toyota the warden seized the 4 pointer and the .270 rifle. They then headed to the son-in-law's house where he confessed to killing the two bucks that morning and regretted getting his father-in-law involved. The poacher was issued a summons for Exceeding the Bag Limit on Deer and the father-in-law was issued a summons for False Registration of Deer. The poacher pled guilty, was sentenced to two days in jail, paid a $1,000 fine and lost his hunting privileges for one year. The father-in-law pled guilty and paid a $300 fine.

This was an excellent case and excellent warden work made possible only because a concerned citizen called Operation Game Thief immediately after the violation occurred. Nice job!

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