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Case File  #51   July 2013

Illegal Killing of a Doe Deer in Washington County

On October 3, 2012, Warden Wayde Carter received information through the Operation Game Thief (OGT) hotline regarding a poacher who had killed an antlerless deer without a permit in East Machias in Washington County. The information provided by the informant allowed the wardens to seek a search warrant to search the poacher's residence.

Warden Carter obtained a search warrant for the poacher's residence and was assisted by Warden Sgt. Alan Gillis, Wardens Dave Simmons and Joe McBrine in searching the residence on October 5th. During the search of a freezer, 16 packages of meat were found in the freezer and deer parts were found in the garage.

During the search, after several attempts at lying,  the poacher finally admitted to shooting the deer out in back of his trailer. The reason he gave for shooting the deer was, "two deer had been killed by vehicles in front of his house, and if they were just going to be killed by cars, he might as well shoot one himself". The poacher admitted to shooting the doe deer with a .410 shotgun and showed the wardens the gun.

The wardens asked where the deer parts were dumped and the poacher told them where they could find the parts near Hadley Lake. The wardens confirmed the location and found the deer parts.

The poacher was charged with Hunting/Possession of Deer Killed in Closed Season and Hunting Antlerless Deer Without a Permit. The Closed Season violation comes with a $1,000 fine and 3 days in jail.

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