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Case File  #49   July 2013

Illegal Possession of a Deer Killed in Closed Season

On December 25, 2012, Warden Phil Richter received an Operation Game Thief complaint of a poacher from Lamoine who was bragging about killing a deer at night recently and the deer was in his garage. At this time of the year, only raccoon and coyote hunting are allowed at night with a special permit.

On December 26th, Warden Sgt. Ralph Hosford and Warden Richter went to the residence of the alleged poacher. The wardens stopped their vehicle in front of a detached garage. In front of the garage door, in plain view, was a large black tote sled. The wardens noticed bright red frozen blood with deer hair stuck to it. The wardens also observed blood and hair in front of the main garage door. The doors were locked and the windows were blacked out.

Warden Richter spoke with a female subject at the residence who said her boyfriend (the alleged poacher) was working and she knew nothing about the deer.

The tote sled was seized as evidence and the wardens proceeded to the alleged poacher's work place. The wardens confronted the poacher with their findings. He said that he was not going to lie and that he had the deer back in his garage. The poacher told the wardens that around 7PM on the evening of 12/23/12, some unknown person drove up his driveway and fired a rifle. Seconds later, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed. The poacher said he went out into the field and found a dead doe deer. He took his 4-wheeler and tote sled and carried the deer back to his garage and hid the deer.

The wardens asked the individual to accompany them back to his residence. On the back of the ATV was a dead doe deer. The animal had been gutted but still was whole. The wardens observed a single gun shot wound in the lower neck. The poacher showed the wardens where the deer was found. The wardens could see ATV tire tracks in the blood and hair on the ground.

At this time, the wardens told him that they did not believe a total stranger had driven up his driveway and shot the deer behind his house and that after this "stranger" left, the homeowner somehow went out back and found the deer. The poacher was told that regardless of the the situation the fine for the offense was the same for killing the deer as it is for possession ($1,000 and 3 days in jail). The poacher admitted he knew it was illegal to possess the deer but he still would not admit to killing it nor would he tell them who actually killed the deer. He agreed to give the wardens a voluntary statement.

The poacher was given a summons to court for illegal possession of a deer killed in closed season. The charge was later amended to possession of an unregistered deer (guilty plea and $500 fine) and possession of an antlerless deer without a permit (guilty plea and $500 fine) for a total of $1,000 in fines.

Thankfully, a concerned citizen felt it was important enough to call Operation Game Thief and report the illegal act. Maine game wardens and all concerned sportsmen and women appreciate the fact that someone reported the violation.

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