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Case File  #48   July 2013

Illegal Baiting of Deer

On November 15, 2012, Maine Game Warden Dan Christenson received an Operation Game Thief complaint of an illegally baited area in the town of Sydney in central Maine. The information stated that there was a salt block with a climbing tree stand overlooking the salt.

On November 24, 2012, Warden Christenson walked to the salt block and noticed a female  hunter, dressed in hunter orange, seated in the tree stand approximately 60-70' away. The warden asked her if there were any deer around and she said that her son told her it was a good area to hunt. Warden Christenson asked why she was hunting over a salt block and she stated she thought it was styrofoam. She was hunting with a scoped rifle and was facing the salt block. The hunter produced a valid hunting license.

Further questioning by Warden Christenson allowed him to find out that the woman's son and girl friend were hunting nearby. The warden held onto the woman's license and went to find the other two people. Walking up an ATV path, the warden encountered a female sitting on the ATV with a shotgun. Approximately 50 feet behind the woman on the ATV, the warden noticed a male sitting in a tree stand. The male identified himself as the son of the woman who Warden Christenson found overlooking the salt block. The warden asked the male why his mother was hunting over bait and he stated he didn't know about any salt. Further questioning resulted in the male admitting that he put the salt block out.

Warden Christenson issued the mother a summons to court for hunting deer over bait. True sportsmen and women do not need to use bait to hunt deer - poachers have no regard for fish and wildlife law.

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