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Case File  #2   May 2006

When the Poaching of One Deer Led to the Death of Three

On May 12, 2006 at 11AM, Warden Dave Georgia received an Operation Game Thief complaint concerning the continuous poaching of deer by an individual in Summit Twp. Warden Georgia responded, interviewed the caller, investigated the complaint and prepared and executed a search warrant.

The poacher and his accomplice were apprehended, interviewed and summonsed to District Court for Killing a Deer in Closed Season. The pregnant doe deer was shot between 2AM and 3AM behind the poacher's residence with a .22 rifle. Two fawn deer were recovered as part of the evidence. As a result of complete disregard for Maine's fish and wildlife laws, three deer were killed at the hands of these poachers. A third individual was also charged with illegal possession of gift deer meat. When seizing this meat, the third individual told Warden Georgia that he had been "eating deer meat and fiddleheads" all week and was tired of it!

It should be noted that the poacher had previously been convicted of night hunting in August of 1982 and his accomplice had killed a deer in Closed Season, Christmas Eve 2000.

What made this call even more meaningful is that the complainant was courageous enough to testify if it had been necessary!

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