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Case File  #47   July 2013

Illegal Deer in a Root Cellar

On October 13, 2012 Maine Warden Paul Farrington received an Operation Game Thief complaint in the town of Winn in northern Penoboscot County concerning deer killed in closed season. The caller stated that a poacher was in possession of a deer he killed the previous week. Further, the caller stated that the deer was probably butchered in a root cellar under a shed behind the residence.

On October 14th, Warden Farrington met Sgt. Ron Dunham, and Wardens Jim Davis and Scott Martin to work on the case. Wardens Farrington and Dunham went to the property and met with the alleged poacher. The poacher was asked about the deer that was killed the previous week. The poacher said that he didn't shoot any deer. The wardens asked if they could look around and the poacher said, "not without a search warrant". The wardens left to secure the search warrant while wardens Davis and Martin conducted surveillance of a couple of areas.

Later, Warden Davis found a female in the woods with a bag of meat and she advised the warden that she was a partner of the poacher. The wardens returned to the poacher's residence and the poacher admitted that the meat was from the deer he killed the previous week. The poacher was asked where he killed the deer and he admitted that it was in a field up the road, around 4pm on that day, and with his 7mm rifle. The poacher agreed to allow the wardens to search the premises. The poacher admitted to cutting the deer up in his root cellar and showed the wardens his root cellar (pictures shown).

The poacher's rifle was seized and a summons issued for possession of a deer killed in closed season.

This was yet another example of great warden work that resulted from great information from a concerned citizen. This also is another example of how poacher's do not realize the impact of their deeds - this poacher shot a lamb deer that would never be able to produce offspring.

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