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Case File  #46   July 2013

Illegal Transportation of Deer

On March 13, 2012, Maine Game Warden Gary Sibley received an OGT complaint of a subject who shot a deer the previous week (which if true would have been illegal as it was closed season) and had the deer at his residence in St. Francis in northern Maine. Warden Chad Abbot of Eagle Lake accompanied Warden Sibley to the residence in hopes of locating the alleged poacher.

The wardens located the individual at his father's residence. The individual was questioned about the doe deer and the alleged poacher denied having shot a deer. After further questioning, the individual told the wardens he picked up the dead deer beside the road in Allagash. He stated he knew that he could not do that without permission. The wardens asked him repeatedly if he had given anyone any of the deer meat. He said, no.  Finally, another person in the house stated that he had two packages of meat that were given to him. The wardens seized the meat.

The wardens were then invited to return to individual's house and were shown the remainder of the deer carcass in the basement. The individual finally showed the wardens one package of frozen deer meat in the freezer and the package was seized. The wardens were told where the deer was found and picked up in Allagash and then transported in his father's truck to his residence.

The individual was issued a summons for illegal transportation of deer.

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