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Case File  #45   July 2013

A Case of Wasteful Poaching

On November 13, 2012, Game Warden Paul Farrington received an Operation Game Thief (OGT) complaint of an illegally killed deer. Warden Farrington contacted the caller who wished to remain anonymous. The caller stated that a poacher had killed a doe deer the previous week and had placed the deer in a tool box where it rotted. The warden contacted Sgt. Ron Dunham for assistance.

The two wardens drove by the poacher's residence and, as they drove by, they noticed the poacher's vehicle on a side road. The wardens decided to see if anyone was sitting in the vehicle. As they approached on foot to the driver's side of the vehicle, they found the poacher sitting in the vehicle. Sgt. Dunham asked the poacher if the rifle he had in the vehicle was loaded and the poacher advised that it was. The wardens unloaded the gun and proceeded to ask the poacher questions about the doe deer he killed.

The poacher admitted to shooting a doe deer the previous week and that it had rotted and he used it as coyote bait. The wardens asked the poacher to return to his house and show him where the deer was in his garage. Upon opening the garage door the wardens smelled the putrid odor of rotted meat. There were various chunks of meat strewed across the floor.

The wardens asked the poacher for the firearm he used in killing the deer. The poacher advised them that he sold it to a friend of his. The wardens went to the friend, confirmed the type and caliber, recorded the serial number and took a picture of the rifle.

The poacher was issued a summons to court for having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, hunting antlerless deer in a wildlife management district that issued no doe permits and hunting deer after having killed one.

Poachers are thieves who have no regard for our fish and wildlife laws, and for this poacher, allowed the meat to rot which demonstrates the lack of regard he had. Without the eyes and ears of the public, a Maine game warden's job is made much more difficult. Thanks go to this concerned citizen who took the time to call Operation Game Thief.

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