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Case File  #44   October 2012

Six Month OGT Investigation

In early November of 2011, Game Warden Rick Ouellette began what would evolve into a six month investigation of an Operation Game Thief complaint. The first piece of information stated that two women tagged deer that had been shot by two men. Checking the deer tagging station confirmed that the two women had tagged deer.

A second piece of information stated that an individual had a hunting camp in Dixmont where 10-15 hunters were hunting out of the camp and that 5 to 6 deer had been shot and not tagged. Further, the complainant stated the one of the deer was tagged by an individual and a check of a local tagging station confirmed this information.

Warden Ouellette also learned that the deer were processed in the hunting camp owner's garage and deer parts could be found near his camp as well as behind the poacher's house.

In early December, Warden Ouellette assembled a team of wardens who interviewed most all of the suspects at various residences. Deer meat was seized and photographed as evidence.

In mid-March, further interviews were held and summonses were issued for failing to register deer, false registration of deer, exceeding the bag limit on deer and hunting deer after killing one.

Finally, on April 7, 2012, the last poacher was charged with failing to register a deer.

In all, 7 individuals were charged with the hunting violations and a rifle was seized. Loss of licenses and substantial fines, as well as jail time, were the result of these greedy poachers illegal activities. This was an prime example of excellent game warden investigative skills as well as excellent information from concerned citizens. All honest sportsmen and women need to be concerned of the negative impact these illegal activities have on our fish and wildlife resources.

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