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Case File  #42   April 2012

On October 17, 2011, Wardens Kris MacCabe and Kimberly Bates received an anonymous OGT complaint of a male subject who purchased a resident hunting license for his girlfriend using his own hunter safety information. His girlfriend supposedly also possessed a doe permit. The complainant further stated that the male subject had done the same thing for previous girlfriends.

The wardens confirmed that the girlfriend had never taken a hunter safety course. After numerous attempts to find the girlfriend, they finally located her in Livermore. The wardens stated they wanted to talk with her about the deer she killed with an invalid hunting license. After denying she had done so, she finally admitted that she did not take a hunter safety course and further stated that her boyfriend had purchased her license and applied for a doe permit in her name..She said she didn't know where to take the course, didn't have any time to take the course and just wanted to hunt with her boyfriend. She admitted to shooting a "spikehorm buck" with a ".243 shotgun".

Wardens MacCabe and Bates interviewed the boyfriend who admitted to using his credit card and hunter safety information to purchase the hunting license and apply for the doe permit for his girlfriend. He admitted that he knew what he did was wrong.

Both were issued summonses for Fraudulently Obtaining a License, all meat and antlers were seized, were found guilty and each ordered to pay $1,000 each.

This was a very expensive lesson for these two people and one that may cause both to pause before breaking Maine's fish and wildlife laws.

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