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Case File  #41   March 2012

After receiving Operation Game Thief complaints of illegal baiting and hunting of deer on the island of Frenchboro in Penobscot Bay, game wardens enlisted the assistance of Marine Patrol Officers Dow and MacDonald who transported Game Warden Phil Richter, Sgt. Ralph Hosford, Warden Mark Merrifield and Warden Mark Hutchenson out to Frenchboro in Penobscot Bay.

Once on the island, the wardens went to the area where illegal baiting of deer had been reported. Off a well-used path, the wardens found a mechanical baiting machine that was battery powered and spread corn on the ground periodically. Approximately 30 yards uphill from the feeder was a ground blind made of branches and a game camera directed toward the corn spread on the ground. Inside the blind, wardens found an empty bag of Acorn Rage, a commercial bait that had been mixed in with the corn. Pictures were taken of the blind, camera and mechanical feeder and the camera was taken as evidence.

The officers returned to the landing and spoke with an individual who admitted that the game camera was his. Verbal permission was given to the wardens to look at the memory card in the camera. The wardens were able to see deer and two males spreading apples at the hunting site earlier that day (it should be noted that no apple trees existed in this area). The individual stated that the tree stand and feeder belonged to the second individual and further stated the second individual had hunted from the stand earler.

Wardens determined that the second individual was off-island at the time but plans were made to meet the second individual at the town ferry at Bass Harbor on October 29, 2011. Wardens met the second individual who admitted to placing the feeder, corn and apples and tree stand. He denied hunting from the stand. The poacher was charged with illegally placing bait to entice deer and paid a $200.00 fine.He was warned for having an unlabeled tree stand as required by law. The poacher agreed that he had to clean up the entire area before he could hunt there again.

Yet again, true sportsmen do not need to place bait to entice deer ... and wouldn't! Poachers don't give it a second thought. This poacher was caught because honest sportsmen and women won't stand for the cheating and reported the illegal activity to Operation Game Thief.

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