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Case File  #39   March 2012

On November 11, 2011, Warden Tom McKinney received a call from Game Warden Chris Dyer regarding an OGT call that came in stating that an individual in Hartland had two untagged deer. Warden McKinney and Sgt. Chris Simmons responded and turned around in the suspect's driveway in an unmarked truck. The wardens noticed what appeared to be a deer's rib cage on the deck.

Later that evening, Sgt. Simmons, Wardens Josh Bubier and McKinney returned to the area. Sgt. Simmons was dropped off on foot to observe the residence. At the same time, other wardens were watching a second residence. Warden McKinney called one of the residences that was under surveillance to state that he would be stopping by in about 20 minutes to talk with them about the deer.

Sgt. Simmons reported that once the call was made, there was considerable running around and two males came out and threw the rib cage in a truck and took off. Once the dust settled, three individuals were charged with Unlawful Possession of Antlerless Deer Without a Permit, Unlawful Possession, False Registration of Deer and Failure to Register a Deer. Three individuals were charged, plead guilty and paid $1,050 in fines. 

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