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Case File  #36   February 2012

On November 4, 2011, Game Warden Eric Rudolph received information through Operation Game Thief that a person in Hancock may have an untagged deer at his residence. Warden Phil Richter and Warden Rudolph responded to the residence.

Upon arrival Warden Rudolph, using his binoculars, was able to observe a blue tarp folded up behind the residence and what looked like the outline of  a deer underneath the tarp.

The two wardens knocked on the door of the residence. The owner came to the door. Warden Rudolph told the owner that he needed to speak with him about the deer he had under the tarp behind the house. The homeowner hung his head and admitted to shooting a doe deer several days before and that he planned to cut the deer up that evening. Warden Rudolph asked for the entire story. He told the wardens that he had been driving around several days before and had spotted three deer standing together. He shot one of the deer in the neck and waited until later that night to pick up the deer. He was convicted of possession of an unregistered deer and hunting of an antlerless deer without a permit.  

The case would not have been possible were it not for the efforts of a concerned citizen who took the time to call Operation Game Thief. Maine's game wardens are able to continue to do the excellent job they do when it is a partnership between concerned citizens and game wardens.

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