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Case File  #35   February 2012

On November 2, 2011, Game Warden Paul Farrington received an anonymous complaint through the Operation Game Thief hotline that a young hunter had shot a doe deer on Youth Day in the town of Wytopitlock in eastern Maine and that the deer had not been registered. Warden Farrington responded to the residence and after many denials and discussion, the father and his son admitted that the son had shot a doe deer while unaccompanied. The father admitted to cutting the deer up and burying the head and hide on a back road in Danforth. Despite an examination of the freezer, Warden Farrington could not locate any deer meat, although fresh pieces of deer meat and deer hair were found on the floor of an adjacent shed.

The dad was charged with possession of an unregistered deer and allowing a minor to hunt in violation. A guilty plea was filed and fines paid.

The dad had a great opportunity to set the right example for his son, however, it was a missed opportunity. Not only did the dad let his son hunt in violation of Maine wildlife laws, he lied to Warden Farrington in front of his son, hid the deer meat and buried the head and hide. Hopefully, this young boy realizes that honest sportsmen and women obey Maine fish and wildlife laws.

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