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Case File  #34   February 2012

                                       Hunting From a Baited Deer Stand

On November 17, 2011, Game Warden Troy Dauphinee received an OGT complaint of a baited deer stand in the town of Forsythe Twp. in western Maine. Warden Dauphinee responded to the scene and encountered a man hunting in the area and admitted to hunting for deer from the stand that day - fresh boot tracks in the snow verified the hunter's statement. Warden Dauphinee also noted a game camera overlooking a pile of grain near the tree stand.

Through an intensive investigation, which included serving a search warrant on the game camera and its contents, Warden Dauphinee summonsed an individual on two charges. The individual plead guilty and paid fines on all charges.

A true sportsman doesn't have to hunt over bait ... poachers do and Operation Game Thief allowed the Maine Warden Service to make yet another apprehension.


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