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Case File  #33   February 2011

Illegal Moose Meat and Brook Trout

On September 17, 2010, Warden Gary Sibley received an OGT complaint that an individual in the town of Grand Isle in northern Aroostook County was in possession of over-the-limit of grouse and smelts. Wardens Sibley, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Evan Franklin responded to the residence. After informing the individual of the nature of the offense, the wardens were granted entry to the residence to search his freezers.

A few bags of smelts and brook trout were located in one freezer making the individual slightly over his possession limit. The wardens advised the person that he was to consume what he had frozen before keeping any more. Warden Sibley also located ten packages of unlabeled moose meat in another freezer as well as two brook trout. When asked where the two brook trout were caught, the wardens were informed the trout were caught in Square Lake, a lake with a minimum length limit of 12 inches. Both trout were only 11 inches in length. The grouse? Wardens found only two grouse breasts that were well within the possession limit.

The poacher was summonsed for possession of short trout and unlabeled moose meat.

Additionally, when the poacher was asked where his marijuana was, the game wardens were shown a marijuana plant growing in the poacher's bedroom closet as well as some processed marijuana. The individual was charged with illegal possession of drugs.


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