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Case File  #32   February 2011

Illegally Baiting Deer and Killing an Antlerless Deer

On December 9, 2010, Warden Jim Fahey received an OGT complaint of someone illegally baiting deer with grain and corn on a property in Bangor. The next day, Warden Fahey went to the area and found the illegal deer bait. Warden Fahey also observed where a deer had recently been dragged away from the area as evidenced by the blood trail and drag marks on the snow. The deer was dragged toward the suspect's business property.

On December 11th, Warden Fahey interviewed the suspect. The suspect attempted to lie but eventually admitted to shooting the deer. When asked where the deer was, the suspect showed the warden an adult doe deer concealed in a greenhouse. The suspect admitted to not having an anterless permit. When asked about the illegal corn and grain, the poacher admitted he hunted over the illegal bait and stated, "temptation is a terrible thing".

The poacher drove with the warden to the area where the deer was killed. The poacher showed Warden Fahey where the deer was loaded into his truck and showed the warden where the tree stand was from where he shot the deer. The poacher showed Warden Fahey the .50 caliber muzzleloader with a scope used to kill the deer.

Warden Fahey issued the poacher a summons to court for Hunting Antlerless Deer without a Permit and for Hunting Deer from a Stand Overlooking Bait. The deer was confiscated. The poacher plead guilty in District Court and paid $650 in fines for both offenses.

Honest sportsmen and women do not have to use illegal methods to harvest their game, nor are "tempted". This poacher was "tempted" and was caught because of a concerned citizen and  Operation Game Thief. Thank you.

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