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Case File  #31   February 2011

Killing an Anterless Deer Without a Permit

On November 14, 2010, Warden Tom McKenney received an OGT complaint from a caller stating that, while hunting on the previous afternoon in the town of Starks in western Maine, he noticed two men hunting behind a residence that he knew the owner likely had not given permission for them to hunt on. The caller took the time to get the plate number and a good vehicle description. The caller reported that it sounded like the two men threw something in the back of the truck and further stated the men appeared to be nervous. The caller reported that the next day (11/4), he was talking with the neighbor who reported finding a dead doe deer with the backstraps and hindquarters removed.

While enroute to the scene, Warden McKenney ran the plate number of the vehicle with the supsicious activity and determined who owned the vehicle. Meeting the caller at the scene, Warden McKenney and the caller walked into the scene and located the deer carcass.

Because the caller took the time to get a good description of the vehicle, Warden McKenney stopped by the residence of the owner of the vehicle and asked to speak with him. Asking probing questions, the warden was able to determine that the individual was hunting the previous day, at the same time and in the location noted by the OGT caller.  The hunter said he saw three deer and using a 30-.06, the individual said he fired, killing one of the deer, and upon coming up to the deer, found a mature dead doe.

The poacher told the warden he decided to leave the scene and go back in the afternoon, calling a friend of his to go with him. When the two went to retrieve the meat, they saw the caller behind the residence and "knew he had been caught". He said the two left with the deer parts, went home and changed their clothes. Bringing his friend home, they decided to throw the meat out on a road in the town of Madison. He said "they did not even slow down while his friend just threw it out".

Warden McKenney asked the poacher to show him where the deer parts had been thrown out. Despite searching the stretch of road the poacher said they threw the deer meat out on, the warden was unable to find the deer. Further questioning lead to the admission that the deer was at the poacher's mother's house in a barn. The poacher took the warden to his mother's and retrieved the meat.

The poacher was charged with Illegal Transportation of Deer and Hunting Anterless Deer Without  a Permit and was fined, collectively, $400.00. Coincidentally, the "friend" disavowed any knowledge of the deer, the firearm or participation in the illegal act.

When the warden was commended on conducting an excellent investigation, the warden said, "we would not have had the case were it not for the OGT call". Warden McKenney could not be more right!


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