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Case File  #29   February 2011

A Case of Registering a Deer One Did Not Kill

On October 31, 2010, a Maine game warden received an anonymous OGT complaint alleging that a woman, in a small Maine town, had tagged a deer that she did not kill. The game warden investigated first by checking the local deer tagging station and determined that the woman had indeed registered a deer the day before.

After determining that the woman named in the complaint had in fact registered a deer, the game warden went to the residence and was invited inside by the woman and her husband. The couple were butchering a deer they advised was shot the day before. After discussing the information and nature of the violation, the woman agreed that she did not kill the deer registered the day before. Although she would not implicate who had shot the deer, she voluntarily wrote a statement for the warden including all of this information and admitting her illegal act.

The woman was given a summons to district court for False Registration of a Deer, plead guilty and was fined $300.00.

Maine's fish and wildlife laws are designed to protect our resources, and it should be very clear why it is illegal to register a deer one did not kill. Operation Game Thief is an important tool that helps Maine protect its precious resources.

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