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Case File  #28   May 2010

Illegally Hunting Turkey on Spring Youth Only Day

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, the opening day of Youth Only Spring Turkey hunting season, Warden Steve Allarie received an Operation Game Thief complaint from a concerned sportsman that an adult male hunter, dressed in full camoflauge, with a shotgun and not accompanied by a youth hunter had entered the woods. The concerned citizen was sitting in a blind with his daughter waiting for a turkey.

Warden Allarie arrived at the scene and met with the complainant who wished to remain anonymous. The complainant pointed in the direction that the middle-aged hunter was heading. While speaking with the complainant, Warden Allarie heard a single gunshot in close proximity to where they were standing. Shortly after the shot and standing near the complainant's turkey blind, Warden Allarie observed an adult turkey hunter, dressed in full camoflauge and wearing a backpack, enter the adjoining field. When the hunter was within 25 yards of the warden's position, Warden Allarie stepped out asking the hunter to put down his shotgun and turkey.

Warden Allarie then asked the hunter where his youth was, to which the hunter replied that he was not accompanied by a youth hunter. Warden Allarie advised the hunter that he was not allowed to hunt on this day as it was a youth-only day and the open season on turkey did not begin until Monday, May 3rd.

The hunter accompanied Warden Allarie back to his patrol vehicle where his Remington 870 shotgun, male turkey and empty shell were photographed. Warden Allarie allowed the hunter to keep his shotgun and the hunter was issued a summons to court for Illegally Hunting Wild Turkey. The hunter plead guilty and paid a $200.00 fine in district court.

This concerned sportsman took the time to call Operation Game Thief from his turkey biind to report this illegal hunting. We only hope that later that morning his daughter had a chance to see a turkey. The illegal hunter may have killed the only turkey this sportsman's young daughter was to see.

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