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Case File  #27   June 2010

Killing a Deer in Closed Season

On December 19, 2009 at approximately 11:30PM, Warden Justin Fowlie received an anonymous Operation Game Thief complaint of a poacher who had shot and killed a 10-point buck  in closed season from his kitchen window in the town of Orrington in Penobscot County. The complainant further stated that the deer was now located in a shed behind the residence.

Warden Fowlie notified Warden Alan Gillis who made contact with Sgt. Bill Chandler requesting his assistance as well. The wardens responded to the residence where they found smoke coming from a chimney in the shed and the windows of the home were all covered. After several minutes of knocking on the door, the owner of the residence finally answered the door dressed only in his briefs! Warden Gillis advised the homeowner that they were there to pick up the deer that he had just shot. At that point, the homeowner invited the wardens in and it was suggested that the individual get dressed.

The individual was asked where the deer was to which he replied that some of it was in the refrigerator, several pieces under a kitchen cabinent and the remainder in the shed out back. Warden Gillis asked the individual where the firearm was that killed the deer and the poacher showed him the firearm and he produced the spent casing as well. The wardens then accompanied the poacher to the shed where along the way, the poacher showed the wardens where he had shot the deer as well as pointed out the blood trail. Once inside the shed, the wardens noted a chainfall and an abundance of blood and what appeared to be deer hair. Also in the shed was the deer head. Along with the deer parts, Warden Gillis asked the poacher to write out a statement for the wardens describing what happened. The poacher acknowledged he knew what he did was wrong.

Warden Gillis issued the poacher a summons for the wildlife violation of killing a deer in closed season. In court, the poacher was found guilty, paid a $1,000 fine, spent 3 days in jail and lost his privilege to hunt as well as the firearm. This was yet another example of what Maine game wardens can do with good information through the Operation Game Thief program. Thank you to the concerned citizen who took the time to call OGT.

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