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Case File  #23   March 2010

A Dad's Missed Opportunity to be a Role Model

On May 2nd of 2009, Warden Glenn Annis received an OGT complaint that a juvenile had killed two wild turkeys on the Youth Turkey Hunting Day while hunting with his father. Maine state law allows only one turkey to be killed on Youth Day. Inspecting the tagging station books, Warden Annis confirmed that a juvenile had tagged a turkey. Warden Annis, accompanied by Warden Jeremy Kemp, decided to speak with the juvenile and his father at their residence. The two wardens were invited in by the Dad.

Once inside, Warden Kemp advised the Dad and juvenile that it was not common to visit every turkey hunter in the area and that the Dad probably knew why the wardens were there. The Dad said to his son, "do you want me to tell them or do you want to?" The juvenile asked his Dad to respond. The Dad stated that two tom turkeys came in, the son shot and both toms were hit and killed.

When asked what happened to the turkeys, the Dad stated they registered one and kept the other one. The wardens asked to inspect the carcasses and found parts of both. The Dad stated they BBQ'd one breast the night before and the other breast was in the refrigerator. The Dad was charged with the illegal transportation of a wild turkey and unlawful possession of a wild turkey. The game warden's last words to the Dad were, in front of his son, " in the future if a mistake was made, wardens should be notified immediately". This could have been a great teaching moment for the Dad to his son but the moment was lost when the Dad decided to register one turkey and take the other home.

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