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Case File  #22   November 2009

Killing a Doe Deer in a No Doe Zone

On November 13, 2009, while on routine patrol in the town of Strong in western Maine,  Warden Dan Christianson received an Operation Game Thief (OGT) complaint of a poacher who had shot a doe deer on the Taylor Pond Road in Strong and the poacher was trying to find a truck to bring the deer home.

Warden Christianson met up with Warden Kris MacCabe and responded to the area. Shortly after entering the road, the wardens met a passenger car matching that of the purported poacher. The wardens stopped the vehicle and asked the driver how the hunting was, to which the individual stated, "not good". The individual was beaded with sweat and looked tired. Warden Christianson walked to the back of the vehicle and noticed blood on the bumper and told the individual that it looked like someone tried to wipe the blood off. The individual was asked to open his trunk and inside was a dead adult doe deer. The poacher then stated that he had fired at a buck but hit a doe instead.

Warden Christianson then asked the individual when he shot the deer and with what type of firearm. He responded that he shot the deer before noon that day with a 742 30-.06 scoped rifle. The individual then tried to say that he was bringing the deer to the warden's house. The poacher was asked by the wardens to return to the scene. At the scene, the wardens noted that there was a clear view in the direction of where the deer had stood with no big obstructions blocking the poacher's view and, with a scoped rifle, there was no mistaken identity.

The poacher was issued a summons to court for hunting antlerless deer without a permit. In a state where successive severe winters have had a negative impact on Maine's deer herd, this 144 pound doe was not to breed another season.

Thanks to the concern of a Maine sportsman and the quick response of two Maine game wardens, this poacher was apprehended.

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