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Case File  #18   March 2008

Illegally Killing a Pileated Woodpecker

On March 19, 2008, Warden Chris Dyer received an Operation Game Thief complaint that stated a poacher had shot and killed a Pileated Woodpecker behind his residence in the central Maine town of Benton. Warden Dyer responded to the residence and confronted the individual. Initially, the individual denied having any knowledge of the bird, however, when Warden Dyer told the individual that he knew he shot one behind the house, the individual changed his mind and stated he shot at one but did not kill it. Obtaining consent to search the back yard, the individual then changed his story yet again and said the bird was "out back next to the trail".

Warden Dyer asked the poacher what he shot the bird with, he produced a .9mm pistol and then took the warden out to the bird lying underneath some trees. When asked why he shot the woodpecker, the poacher replied that he was trying to sleep and "it was annoying him" so he shot it. Working with a U.S. Federal Fish and Wildlife agent, given the federal protection the bird enjoys,  the decision was made to charge the poacher under state statutes and a summons was issued for Unlawfully Hunting Wild Birds. The poacher pled guilty and paid a $200 fine.

Even our protected songbirds are not immune from poachers' bullets. We need the eyes and ears of all concerned citizens to report acts of poaching. Plans are to have the woodpecker taken to a taxidermist, mounted and placed in our Wall of Shame Trailer. Thanks to this concerned citizen who called Operation Game Thief - he or she made a difference!

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