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Case File  #16   November 2008

Possession of Moose Killed in Closed Season

On November 5, 2008, Maine Game Warden Dan Christianson received an Operation Game Thief complaint of a moose killed in closed season in New Vineyard, specifically stating the moose was killed during bird season. Warden Christianson, Warden Sgt. Rick Mills and Warden Brock Clukey responded to the residence in question.

The wardens received permission to look through the shed finding only a freezer with ice cubes that were red in color and a grain bag on the floor with what looked like blood and moose hair, however, the wardens were told that "there was nothing there". Further investigation revealed one frozen package of meat marked "M-Meat" that was covered with mud, pine needles and still frozen. The poacher claimed he "found the moose along the road" but admitted he did not have a permit for the moose but could not think of what date he found the moose. It was unknown where the remainder of the moose meat was, however, the poacher was charged and convicted of Unlawful Possession of Gift Moose and Ilegal Transportation of Moose and paid a $500.00 for each of these violations.

This is yet another great example of a program that will work to expose poachers of Maine's fish and wildlife resources only if concerned citizens will take the time to call - it makes a difference!

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