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Case File  #15   November 2008

Hunting Deer Over Bait

On November 3, 2008, Warden Doug Kulis received a call from Operation Game Thief stating that a hunter observed a pile of apples in the woods the previous day. The caller was able to give Warden Kulis exact directions to the illegal hunting site. Warden Kulis immediately responded to the scene, finding a 2 or 3 day-old blood trail leading out of the woods. Upon arriving at the illegal site, the warden found a poacher sitting on a chair with his loaded firearm sitting on an ATV next to the chair. The poacher was asked to unload the rifle and admitted to the warden that he placed the apples a few days before the deer season began. The warden explained that it was illegal to place bait and that it was illegal to hunt over bait.

Warden Kulis then questioned the poacher about the fresh blood trail to which the poacher said his wife killed and registered a 4-point buck. After questioning further, the poacher finally admitted to killing the deer the previous Saturday and having his wife register the deer. He admitted to placing the apples out and that he was now out hunting for another deer. The poacher was charged with hunting deer after killing one, failing to register a deer and hunting deer over bait. He was warned for having an unregistered ATV and having a loaded firearm on an ATV. The poacher pled guilty and paid his fines.

Baiting deer is illegal because it places deer at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately, the warden had an advantage and was able to make this case because of a concerned citizen who reported the violation. Operation Game Thief  works when people are willing to call 1-800-ALERT-US or report violatons online at Please report these violations!

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