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Case File  #13   October 2008


Moose Killed in Closed Season 

On September 30, 2008, Warden Reggie Hammond received an Operation Game Thief report of a dead moose shot in the western Maine town of Madrid. The complainant was contacted and a description of the offending vehicle was provided. On October 1st, Warden Hammond located the moose carcass, revealing that the four quarters and antlers had been removed. Over the next two week period, Warden Hammond interviewed numerous individuals regarding the moose kill.
On October 15th, Warden Hammond and Warden Mark Merrifield interviewed a suspect at his residence and asked him if he had any moose meat. The individual produced one package of moose meat and stated he received the package from a second individual. Wardens Hammond and Merrifield went to the second suspect’s residence where the individual produced numerous packages of moose meat as well as antlers from a freshly killed moose. The second suspect admitted to the wardens that, “it was going to be a tough winter and they needed some meat”. He admitted to using the first suspect’s truck and killing the moose on Sunday, September 27th at 5PM. After shooting the moose, he admitted to transporting the moose back to his residence and cutting it up. He then shared the moose with the first suspect. Returning to the first suspect’s home, the suspect admitted to using his vehicle to shoot, transport and process the moose.
Both suspects were charged and plead guilty to Killing/Possessing a Moose in Closed Season, each paid a $1,000 fine and spent 3 days in jail. A Weatherby 30-.06 rifle with scope was seized and both lost their hunting privileges for one year.
Operation Game Thief works when concerned citizens make the effort to report poaching violations. This was a case of a game warden’s excellent investigative skills and a little luck when given good information! On behalf of all concerned citizens, we thank the caller who took the time to call and report this violation.

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