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Case File  #12   May 2008

15 Brook Trout Over-the-Limit

Game Wardens Scott Thrasher and Ray Miller received an Operation Game Thief complaint of a poacher and his 9 year-old son fishing on Mill Stream in Embden, an area that is closed to all fishing. The informant reported that the poacher and his son made two trips home with fish, 8 trout on the first trip and 7 trout on the second trip. Wardens Thrasher and Miller apprehended the poacher at his residence. Through the warden's investigation, the 15 illegal trout were found in the kitchen sink next door at his parent's house.

There were two sad results of this poacher's actions: first, the young boy did not have a solid role model so that he might grow up to be a responsible sportsman, and secondly, 15 fine brook trout were eliminated at the hands of the poacher.

Our fish and wildlife resources don't stand a chance unless responsible citizens report these illegal acts. In this case, a responsible citizen took ownership and reported the violation to Operation Game Thief.



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