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Case File  #8   September 2007

Poacher Illegally Kills a Moose in Closed Season

On September 24, 2007, Warden Daniel Christianson received an OGT complaint of a poacher from Springfield who allegedly killed a moose in Danforth. Wardens Christianson and Paul Farrington responded to the poacher's residence.  The wardens told the poacher why they were there and that they wanted the moose meat and antlers from the moose he shot. The poacher invited the wardens inside where he produced a set of antlers that were in the living room and opened a freezer producing four garbage bags of moose meat.

The poacher admitted to shooting the moose in Danforth and told the wardens the kill site was along Rt. 169 in Danforth. Additionally, he stated he shot the moose with a .30-30 and the gun was at his camp in Webster. After the wardens left the poacher's residence they located the kill site along Rt. 169, exactly where the poacher said it would be found.

The poacher was charged with Hunting or Possessing Moose in Closed Season, was fined $1,000, sentenced to 3 days in jail and lost his hunting privileges for a period of one year. 

The interesting point in this case is that the OGT website went live on September 17th and there was a great deal of media exposure of the website. We do not know if this media exposure encouraged the informant to call Operation Game Thief but game wardens sure appreciated this good call! This was a great case that likely would not have been solved so quickly were it not for the call.

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