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Case File  #10   November 2007

Trespass and Killing Doe Deer in Wrong Zone

In November of 2007, Warden Alan Gillis received an OGT complaint from a landowner who claimed a poacher shot a deer on posted land in Mariaville. Warden Gillis contacted the witness who stated he spoke with the poacher as he was leaving the field. The poacher stated he would return the next morning and look for the deer as it was getting dark.

Warden Gillis spoke with a Maine State Trooper that happened to have driven by and made note of the plate number. With the plate number and description of the subject by the witness, Warden Gillis was easily able to contact the poacher. After some difficulty, Warden Gillis was able to get the poacher to admit he shot the doe deer in the wrong zone but was spooked by the witness. Warden Gillis summonsed the poacher for shooting a doe deer in the wrong zone and warned him on the trespass violation.

A concerned landowner called and made the difference!

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