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Case File  #9   September 2007

Baiting Deer Leads to Illegal Hunting Charge

During a special archery season in the Fall of 2007 in Brewer, Warden Alan Gillis received an OGT complaint of a poacher who was hunting from a ground blind overlooking a crab apple tree that bore yellow apples. Warden Gillis responded and found the location with apples placed under the tree that appeared to have come from a store or apple orchard and were obviously not crab apples. Warden Gillis kept the area under surveillance but never found the poacher in the blind.

Later in the season, the poacher placed red crab apples under the same tree. Warden Gillis eventually checked the poacher hunting and he admitted to placing the red apples under the tree because, "the yellow ones were still not dropping".  Baiting deer is illegal in Maine. The poacher pled guilty and paid a $200 fine.

Honest hunters have a problem with poaching - this one called Operation Game Thief to report the act. All of us who enjoy our fish and wildlife resources appreciates the effort this caller made.


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