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Case File  #11   November 2007

Anonymous Caller to OGT Results in Guilty Plea for Poacher

On November 12, 2007, Warden Mike Boyer received an OGT complaint of a poacher who killed a lamb deer, failed to register it and was now out hunting trying to kill yet another deer. The anonymous caller advised OGT that the poacher had just been dropped off at a location in Lincoln and also was able to identify the vehicle that dropped the poacher off. Warden Mike Boyer investigated, found the owner of the vehicle and questioned him.

During the course of the investigation, Warden Boyer was able to determine that the poacher had previously killed a lamb deer on November 8th or 9th and the deer was taken to another residence. All of the deer meat was either given away or eaten by the poacher. Warden Boyer was also able to determine that the poacher was out hunting trying to kill a buck for his mother and obtained an admission from the poacher. Additionally,  when Warden Boyer contacted the poacher, a loaded .270 rifle with scope was retrieved from his vehicle.

Warden Boyer charged the poacher with Hunting Deer After Having Killed One and Hunting Antlerless Deer without a permit. The poacher pled guilty in district court, paid a $1,200 fine and had his hunting license revoked.

This yet another great example of a concerned ciitizen making a call to Operation Game Thief to report poaching.


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