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Case File  #3   October 2006

Concerned Hunters and Citizens Make a Difference

On October 10, 2006, Warden David Simmons received a report of an illegal moose kill from some legal moose hunters hunting in Hancock County. An investigation by local wardens led to an individual being summonsed for the illegal hunting and possession of moose. During the next week, a combination of information and evidence from this case, crucial information from a tip given to Operation Game Thief and information from local sources allowed wardens from Hancock and Washington Counties to serve search warrants in several towns. As a result of these warrants, the parts of two more illegally killed moose were recovered. One of the illegal moose was a cow that was accompanied by a small calf. The cow was killed in early summer, but the calf did survive.

As a result of these investigations, a number of charges for Class D and E misdemeanors were issued to several individuals. All the Class D charges carry a minimum mandatory fine of $1,000 and a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 3 days. A total of more than $22,000 in fines were levied, 33 mandatory days in jail assessed, firearms and equipment seized and eight poachers pled guilty, and in addition, hunting privileges have also been revoked. For this crucial information, a maximum $1,000 reward was awarded.


This is a classic case where concerned hunters and citizens took the initiative to contact Operation Game Thief and game wardens followed through with excellent investigative skills to expose and apprehend these thieves.

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